The history of “Nothing else matters” by Metallica

Hatfield composed “Nothing else matters” with one hand – literally. At that moment he was talking to his girlfriend on the phone, so he had only one hand free. However, one hand enough wrote one of the most famous songs in the history of heavy metal.

The great Nothing else matters” by Metallica

Hatfield himself didn’t even want to show the song to his bandmates, because it was too personal. He was sure that his friends would not like it, and the style was drastically out of everything Metallica had done before. The demo version of Nothing Else Matters was recorded in August 1990 in the home studio of Lars Ulrich. They say that it was he who heard it first and convinced Hatfield to include the song in the release. Finally, new producer, Bob Rock, suggested recording this song to the accompaniment of a symphony orchestra. In this ballad, as in Unforgiven, Hatfield changed his way of singing to soft. All this together was very different from what the band had done before. For fans, the album on which the song was released caused mixed reactions. Listen to it and other free music to make your own review.

Some fans liked the experiments with the sound, while others said loudly that the band died. On the other hand, “Nothing Else Matters” became, perhaps, the most lyrical, soft and understandable song to the masses. As a result, it leads to the first lines of the charts. The band moved into the category of the super bands. The song was written for the girl with whom Hatfield was at that moment on a break.