Only Objective Facts and Numbers about Cryptocurrency are on One Website

ICO Catalog estimates all one needs to know about crypto. By combining experts’ opinion, users’ reviews and data from developers they create a reliable rating of ICOs. Let’s look at this service with more accuracy.

It’s not easy to find a non-biased opinion about one or another crypto. “Experts” are fake, and people on forums try to sell their products. Fortunately, there’s ICO Catalog which combines different information and represents objective numbers.

The main features

This service was created in 2018. Its main goal is to collect data about cryptocurrency and give it to potential investors. The information is taken from three resources: experts, users, and developers. After that, it’s estimated in numbers and indexes and shown in the following ways:

– ICO rating which is published on the main page;

ICO calendar.

What is ICO rating?

The table on the main page consists of the indexes which are: traffic, evaluation, activity, potency, messages, backlinks, and EAP. They are shown on average per 30 days, but you can set another period. Users may compare the specific coins by pressing the button. So it’s very convenient for tracking new and popular tokens to understand whether they worth investing or not.

What is the ICO calendar?

The calendar is a tracker which shows the dates of start and end. By studying it, you’ll know the period when you can invest in chosen crypto. On the mentioned website, ICOs is shown with circles of different colors so it’s easy to follow the tendencies. Moreover, the calendar is updated daily, and you won’t lose the best days for investing.