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How to boost the incomes? knows! Let’s read a little bit more about them.

Do you want to know the details of marketing? Or maybe you’ve created a web product and eager to promote it fast and easy? Then you should probably visit the mentioned site and know about the methods they recommend.

What is posted on the website?

The main focus is on different affiliate programs. The creators tell about adult and CPA networks, dating affiliate programs and traffic brokers. The visitors will find a great number of useful articles.

How to promote an app?

We’ve found one interesting article which we must share with you. There’s a new method of promoting which is called “Incentive traffic”. It works as a magnet for users. So, for example, you’ve made an app and want to earn some money from it. As it usually happens, it’ll be downloaded 1 to 3 times a week without the additional features. As it’s nothing for creators there’s a new way: one motivates a potential user by offering a reward, a person downloads an app and as a result, there’s an organic traffic and popularity.

What’s more?

Speaking about the reward it can be money, a game bonus, discount or anything else. As people are interested only in bonuses, they’ll surely delete an app after installation. Also, it’ll be almost impossible to convert them so the incomes won’t rise too high. These facts are true if your product is of low quality and you don’t use the additional ways of promoting.

So don’t be afraid of trying new things and combining them with the usual ones.