– More than just a mixer

There are many Bitcoin mixers online, however, is the easiest to use. The main goal is to provide a reliable and easy-to-use bitcoin mixer for everyone. The project is being constantly updated and always develops new projects.

What is the essence of bitcoin mixers?

Even if you don’t do anything illegal, you should still think about the anonymity of your payments. Everyone wants to be safe but is it possible to feel comfortable if any person who understands the work of the blockchain at least a little can find your transactions and learn where you are transferring your money, what you pay for, and how you withdraw money?

From the technical point of view, the blockchain is like a database. This is a chain of information blocks where bitcoin and its transactions is information. So, this chain is completely open, and anyone can see what’s going on. Of course, you will not see the names and addresses in the blockchain, but you can easily track how many bitcoins and where they were sent, and even calculate how many bitcoins this or that wallet has.
If your bitcoin-address has disclosed your personal information somewhere, then it will not be difficult to trace the movement of coins to your wallet. This can be avoided by sending funds from a specific address via a bitcoin mixer such as BestMixer

Advantages of using

Every time you make a transaction on, a guarantee letter is signed with the help of a PGP key and created for each user. This letter serves as a confirmation of your transaction and the fact that the mixer keeps your bitcoins without damaging your reputation.

Security is guaranteed by the following:
• A proven mixing algorithm
• An encrypted connection
• No user account required
• The order history is not being collected
• Automatic recovery in case of a failure
• Transaction processing in real time